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Published: 09th January 2012
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India is a tremendous source for filing immigration applications to other countries even while it shares the top position with China. Delhi specifically, in India, is the biggest venue of logins of immigration cases with the numbers of aspirants, as also Immigration consultants for the visas for Permanent Residency, Business and investment continually rising impressively over the years.

This has also seen a rise in the number of the so-called immigration and visa consultancies, apart from a surge in the promotion and marketing activities of the involved services by the many existing players in the capital. This could be an altogether different matter that many of them may just be trying to pull wool over the eyes of the gullible migrants and others, hoping to pocket as much money as possible, forgetting the harm that such unethical methods and claims may be doing to the people at the other end. Let’s analyze some of the well-known players threadbare before coming to a conclusion.


Among many of the so-called immigration consultants who have made overseas their student admission business and moved away from immigration and visa consulting, CANAM, perhaps, occupies a pretty high place. Over the last few years, this group has made student admissions their main business. Even while a causal visit to their offices will indicate that their counseling staffs have only limited knowledge on the sensitive and important Immigration visa matters. It is best to stay away from them if an immigration consultant is what you are looking for. It is best to take the services of only those companies which are either fully engaged in immigration, and/or have separate immigration and student admissions divisions.

ALWAYS go for an Immigration specialist when you are seeking Immigration consultancy services in Delhi, or anywhere, as a matter of fact! In the writer’s humble opinion, the CANAM Delhi ceased to be an Immigration consultant long time back.


The WWICS Group (worldwide immigration consultancy services) had the distinction of being the main Immigration consulting company earlier. But, early this year, the WWICS ( closed their main South Delhi Office on the account of dwindling business and now sits in one corner of the capital. Most of the WWICS company staff has left and their clients have been left to fend for themselves.

The situation is bad not only in DELHI but even in Mumbai also. The group’s Mumbai office has closed down operations recently. Known sources confirm that the company’s Bangalore and Hyderabad offices are also not doing fine and are working on limited staff strength. Thus, it is debatable whether the WWICS Immigration Consultancy will continue to be in the business in the near future.

Much surprisingly, the WWICS website still calls the company a world leader and the WWICS literature and advertisement claim that the consultancy is the world’s largest. There are no reasons offered for this over-the-top claim when the company’s operations are closing down left, right and center. In addition, they tried to sell Canada AEO program at a very high rate of 5 to 7 lakhs of rupees without any clear information given on the success of the effort. This really put me off and I left their office in a huff.

Y-axis Overseas Careers

Y-axis Overseas Careers ( is found to be aggressively marketing their Delhi Immigration consulting services. The writer went to their offices at Delhi, and found the office to be very impressive. I was informed that Y-axis is in the Immigration consulting business since 1999.

The Y-axis staff was young; nothing wrong with that! But I did feel rather uncomfortable about the fact that I was being advised on one of the most important decisions of my life by such a young and inexperienced consultant. They could provide only basic point based knowledge. Their knowledge skills on business and investor categories were almost zero. However, the thing that struck me the most was the fact that they will deduct 50% of the fee – if application were not processed or refused for any reason.

Then I inquired as to who the Y-axis authorized representative in Canada was for Federal and in Quebec for Quebec skilled worker program or for Australia. For those unfamiliar, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada requires an immigration consultant to be an authorized representative ( To my surprise, I learnt that they had none. One being asked for the reason, the Y-axis consultant informed me that the Y-axis was only documentation Specialist Company and it did not have any Canadian associate. My immediate reaction was that if I needed a documentation specialist, then I might as well apply directly based on the information available widely on the government website!

To me this meant that the Y-axis cannot represent me with the Canadian Government in anyways and also the mailing address – e-mail as well as correspondence – will be mine for all practical purposes. This and the fact that the Y-axis cannot appeal on my behalf, or do any follow-up, meant that the company was not making any value addition to my immigration application, except for file preparation.

I also found that the Y-axis staff was not very transparent when I asked for the contact details of the top management. So what should I do if I need attention of top management?

Further, the staff talked about work permit based immigration programs. But, on being asked if Y-axis would assure a job in the first place, they were not very forthcoming. There also seems to be a BIG confusion as to whether Y-axis is providing overseas jobs or immigration. There was no clear roadmap to providing overseas jobs. However, the Y-axis was marketing job linked immigration programs – and I found this to be rather confusing and conflicting.

In addition, they were marketing the Quebec skilled worker program. On being asked, I learnt that the Y-axis had started marketing the Quebec program only since August, 2011. This was not very comforting as I realized that I would become a guinea pig on whom they will be learning the immigration option.

I also felt that the Y-axis were pretty misguiding on the French language issue as regards Quebec Skilled Worker Program. There is enough evidence to indicate that the knowledge of French is A Must to be a successful applicant under the said program. However, the Y-axis counselor said that was not required; even while this to me that did not seem correct.

In the considered opinion of the author, not having authorized representative status implies that the Y-axis is running an illegitimate immigration consulting business.


My last stop was at the ABHINAV Immigration Consultants ( at Nehru Place, New Delhi. I found an impressive office on my visit to this consultancy. At their reception, and later in the conference room, I found many visa testimonials from past successful immigration clients.

My meeting with the immigration counselor of the consultancy started on a rather pleasant note. In her late 40s, she informed me that ABHINAV was a global immigration specialist since 1994. I was most surprised when she further handed me over a welcoming card that contained the e-mail ID of Ajay Sharma – the principal consultant and founder of the company! The realization that should there be a client servicing or knowledge query, I can directly write to the top management made me quite comfortable.

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